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GALAHAD 3093 Mech Shooter Enters Early Access

Simutronics, known for the fantasy RPG DragonRealms and online shooter CyberStrike, have released into Early Access their mech shooter, GALAHAD 3093. Early access players can experience the ultimate custom mechanized Lance warfare as a brave Knight.

After nearly two years in Beta, GALAHAD 3093 is ready for the Early Access spotlight. Inspired by Arthurian legend, players fight for glory in epic arenas. Knights pilot their Lances in a never-ending battle to capture and control territory.

Players can customize and design a Lance that suits their gameplay. 23 weapon systems, 148 variants, and over 500 modules are available allowing for hundreds of possible builds and abilities. Some Knights may opt for a lightning-fast scout with limited armor or a slow heavy-duty tank suited for hardened battles. Up to four loadouts can be saved.

Each of the game’s eight Knights come equipped with special skills. For example Arthur can call down orbital strikes with the aid of X-caliber, while Mordred can teleport across the map in the blink of an eye. Combining the advanced Lance weaponry and the right abilities can leave a devastating impact on the battlefield.

There are seven vertical sci-fi arena maps. Dynamic game-changing events such as giant desert sandstorms or a destructive comet strike will affect gameplay and strategy. Players can compete for glory in all-out Team Deathmatch or control territory in Base Assault.

We learned so much from fans during our beta sessions, and we’re eager for a wider audience to experience GALAHAD 3093. Even though it is a complete gameplay experience now, this is a great opportunity for fans to help shape Early Access development of new features, such as clans and private matches. We will work toward our global launch and build the future of mech warfare together.

GALAHAD 3093 is available Steam Early Access for $24.99. A Founders Edition Pack is available for $9.99 or in a bundle with the base game for $34.98. An introductory offer, discounting the game by 15% is available until September 8, 2022. For more information follow @galahad3093 on Twitter, like @galahad3093 on Facebook or visit

Galahad 3093 Early Access Launch Trailer | Simutronics

Simutronics (@Simutronics Twitter) is a St. Louis, Missouri based game developer and one of the longest-running independent game development studios in North America. The studio has over three decades of experience that has included projects in online multiplayer games. persistent worlds, mobile games, and online shooters. Included in the company’s portfolio is GemStone IVDragonRealmsCyberStrikeOne Epic KnightTiny Heroes, and the Siege series.