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Fractured Online Dev Talks Terra Continent Generation

A brand new video from the Fractured Online Dev Talk series from Dynamight Studios discusses the generation of the new Terra continent. The gamigo published dynamic isometric open-world MMORPG continues to evolve in this latest video.

Jacopo Pietro Gallelli, Dynamight Studios CEO and Co-Founder, discusses the process of creating a new continent in this Dev Talk video. The continent of Terra on the planet of Arboreus is inhabited by the Wildfolk race. Arboreus is a planet overwhelmed by giant vegetation causing the Wildfolk to develop a deep connection to nature while also gaining super-human resilience and keen survival skills.

In the video, Gallelli discusses Terra’s concept all the way to its actual creation. The process in which the studio used their internally developed tools to expedite the in-game creation of Terra. These tools can create and change the world by means of the map’s terrain, its network of roads, and bodies of water more simply than by painting within Unity.

For Fractured Online, Dynamight Studios utilizes the Unity game engine. The game’s backend is based on the world-building platform SpatialOS from Improbable. Using this platform allows for tens of thousands of concurrent users in the same seamless fully interactable world.

Fractured Online is currently in closed beta. Players who wish to participate in the closed beta can purchase one of the various Founder’s Packs from the official Glyph store. Both the game and closed beta access are included in these packs. Prices start at $25.99/€25.99 for the Bronze pack and go as high as $129.99/€129.99 for the Platinum pack. Each pack also comes with credits, at least one VIP month, and other in-game extras.

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Fractured Online Dev Talk: Terra: The Generation of a Continent | Dynamight Studios

gamigo (@gamigo Twitter) is a leading publisher of online and mobile games in the European and North American markets. At over 400 employees, gamigo is one of the largest German companies in the gaming industry. Since 2013 the company has made more than 25 acquisitions in the video game industry and now owns a large portfolio that includes: RIFTArcheAgeTrove, and Aura Kingdome.

Dynamight Studios is an independent game development studio based in Milan, Italy. The developer’s goal is to innovate the world of Sandbox MMOs by opening it up to new audiences. Currently the studio is working to bring its flagship game, Fractured Online, to market.