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Lost in Play Animated Adventure Out Today

Joystick Ventures and developer Happy Juice Games have released their point-and-click animated puzzle adventure, Lost in Play, on PC and Nintendo Switch. Aiming to deliver a family-friendly visual adventure, the 2D game relies upon using one’s imagination.

Taking inspiration from modern-day cartoons for kids and classic Saturday morning cartoons others experienced, Lost in Play pulls players back into the spirit of exploration experienced during one’s youth. The game’s design focuses on rekindling a spirit of nostalgia with older players while sparking intrigue for younger players.

We see Lost In Play as a love letter to our childhoods. It pays homage to the media we all grew up digesting, and – we hope – serves as the perfect gateway for the gamers of today to introduce adventures like this to the gamers of tomorrow.

Yuval Markovich, Co-Founder, Happy Juice Games

The game’s story follows a brother and sister duo, Toto and Gal, as they traverse an fantasy world similar to that of Alice in Wonderland. From befriending magical creatures to exploring dreamscapes, this cartoon stylized world taps into ones imagination. To make their way back home the two siblings must work together to solve puzzles.

No text or dialogue. Everything in the game is communicated through visuals. The journey is filled with a variety of creative activities such as playing cards with goblins, creating a dragon, or teaching sheep to fly. There are more than 30 unique puzzles and mini-games for players to enjoy on this imaginative journey.

Lost in Play is now available on Steam and GOG for PC and on Nintendo Switch for $19.99/£17.99/€19.99. A demo is currently available on Steam. PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game will follow shortly.

Lost in Play – Launch Trailer | Happy Juice Games

Joystick Ventures (@JoystickVenture Twitter) partners with both investors and developers to build successful studios that release games. Every aspect of collaboration is personalized allowing developers to shape their game’s success. The company’s portfolio includes Around, DNFTM2099, FixFox, and Lost in Play.

Happy Juice Games (@HappyJuiceGames Twitter, @happyjuicegames Facebook) is a newly-formed game development studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio focuses on questing and adventure games with high-quality graphics, animation, and design. Lost in Play is the studio’s debut title. Previously the studio collaborated with 11Sheep on The Office Quest.