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Serious Fun Football Kicks Into Steam Early Access

Polish independent developer KW-SFF have kicked their football game Serious Fun Football, into Early Access on Steam. Featuring both realistic character movements and real ball physics puts players in charge of a single player or a whole team.

It is time for a friendly football, also known as soccer, match. Gameplay features 3v3 teams plus robot goalkeepers controlled by a sophisticated AI. Online, offline, and co-op modes are available. Play a friendly match or go down the career path.

Early Access features Solo Mode where players control just a one character. In the Full Release, Team Mode will be available where the whole team can be controlled by switching between the footballers.

New players can be picked up on the market. Players can also develop attributes of their solo footballer and customize their appearance. Additional new outfits can be purchased and additional stadiums can be unlocked.

The game has been six years in the making. Initial development of the game began with Kamil Wiech, who had no knowledge of game development. Serious Fun Football‘s origins come from Wiech’s playing of the two most known football video game titles and his lack of satisfaction from their evolving gameplay. Jumping forward, Wiech eventually hired a team and quit his day job to finish the project without any help from investors or a publisher.

Serious Fun Football is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99. Follow @SeriousFunFoot on Twitter, @SeriousFunFootball on Facebook or visit for more information.

Serious Fun Football – EARLY ACCESS Trailer | KW-SFF

KW-SFF (@kwsff Facebook) is a small and independent game developer founded by Kamil Wiech. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the independent team is not supported by any publisher. Serious Fun Football is the developer’s first title on Steam.