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Andromeda Acolytes Text Adventure Beta Test and Kickstarter Information

Heiress Software today announced Beta Test and Kickstarter details for their upcoming sci-fi text adventure Andromeda Acolytes. The Beta Test is going to be held on Steam at the end of July.

Set in Marco Innocenti’s Andromeda universe, Andromeda Acolytes tells the story of four heroines on the planet Monarch. Humanity has no idea why or how it arrived on this world, but now a strange power has awaken drawing four different women into a race towards the mysteries of Monarch’s origins.

Spread across multiple chapters, players will play as all four heroines in this text adventure. Type commands, read what happens, travel in underwater mechs, visit abandoned cities, deal with crime, make friends, solve puzzles, and so much more. All of the gaming experience comes from the prose offering the experience of a novel and the world engagement of gaming. The only graphics in game are in the auto map.

Players interested in the Andromeda Acolytes Beta Test will need to join the game’s Discord server. There players will need to pick a team: MC, Remotes or Phadra. In addition there is a series of competitions that are aimed at teaching a new generation of gamers the art and gameplay of text-based games. Wade Clarke of Heiress Software released a video that explains the game’s Discord and how one can play in various competition games.

Like with any genre of game, you first have to learn how to play it. I’ve set up varied and graduated competitions to make this fun and easy. In the 1980s, all computer gamers knew how to play text adventures. Once the genre stopped being a big commercial concern, that common knowledge faded, but the games never stopped evolving. If I want a wide base of testers and backers for Andromeda Acolytes, I need to build the skills of potential players. I hope a side effect is that they might get into the wider universe of interactive fiction.

Wade Clarke of Heiress Software

A Kickstarter campaign for Andromeda Acolytes is set to launch after the Beta Test concludes. Interested parties can opt to be notified when the campaign begins.

Andromeda Acolytes will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC. Currently the game does not have a release date. The Andromeda Acolytes Beta Test on Steam is scheduled to run from July 30 to August 2, 2022.

Andromeda Acolytes Discord Introduction | Wade Clarke

Heiress Software is an interactive fiction label created by Wade Clarke. The label’s first release was the 2015 horror title Leadlight Gamma. Currently the label is focused on the development of Andromeda Acolytes.

Wade Clarke (@aeriae Twitter) is a Sydney, Australia-based game author, visual artist, writer and musician. Clarke, whose musician moniker is Aeriae originally started making computer games as a young child on his then new Apple II+ computer. Since then Clarke has continued to create and help develop games.