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Nosher Puzzle Platformer Kickstarter, Demo Available

Indie game developer and 3D artist Insamnohty has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their classic 1990s inspired puzzle platformer Nosher. During the Kickstarter campaign a demo is available on Steam and

In Nosher, players control a voracious little slime named Nosh. This hungry little creature has the luxury power of becoming whatever it eats. As Nosh, players can run, jump, and dash their way around the 1990s inspired world.

Nosh is always hungry. Whenever Nosh dashes with their mouth open wide, whatever unlucky creature in their way becomes a new snack. After eating an enemy a few things happen for Nosh, one of which includes a burst of energy allowing them to perform another dash before landing.

Upon eating the enemy, their type or traits granted to Nosh. For example eating a bat will grant the wings of a bat allowing Nosh to fly. These powers are limited in their number of uses before Nosh returns to their normal form. Other consumed abilities are slinging webs and wall crawling as a spider, and wielding tools of the undead.

Berries help to satisfy Nosh’s appetite. A score multiplier builds up as Nosh consumes berries. If Nosh takes too long between berries the multiplier will decrease. As an added bonus after Nosh consumes three berries, the slime will become denser protecting them from an untimely demise similar in effect to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s rings.

Game levels feature various challenges: speedruns, the number of berries consumed, secret hidden notes, and no deaths. A combination of these challenges at the same time could grant the player a shinny trophy.

The Nosher Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and will run until 7:20 AM PDT, Thursday, June 16, 2022. A goal of £9,000 or roughly $11,221 is needed to help finance the game’s development for the solo indie developer. Tiers start at £1 (approximately $2) and go all the way up to £250 (approximately $312). Some of the lower tiers include a digital copy of the game, Discord title, desktop and mobile wallpaper, and name in the game credits. Higher tiers include exclusive skins, digital soundtrack, digital artbook, beta access, and in the top tier (Banquet), a personalized hidden collectible.

Nosher has a planned early access release date set for October 31, 2023. A demo is available for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign on Steam and Follow @nosherGame on Twitter for more information.

Nosher is here! | Insamnohty

Insamnohty (@Insamnohty Twitter,@insamnohty Facebook) is a 3D artist and indie game developer. Live streams of Insamnohty’s game development efforts can be found on Twitch ( Currently Insamnohty is busy working on the Halloween-themed 3D platformer Nosher.