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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #10 Water Management and Traffic

Independent game developer 3DIVISION released Update #10 and a Help for Ukraine DLC for the soviet-themed cold war city builder and simulator, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. The update titled, Water Management and Traffic, adds water management buildings and traffic simulation modes.

Content Update #10, version, is the latest free major update for the early access city-building tycoon game. Both the new water treatment additions and traffic simulation modes help players build successfully robust cities.

Having a functional water treatment system is paramount for having a healthy and functional city. Using the cleanest sources of water will require the least amount of treatment. Clean water can be pumped and distributed along a distribution network and stored in water storage towers. Waste is transported along the newly added sewage system out of the city to treatment facilities. Players can opt to simply dump the raw sewage directly into the river at the cost of higher pollution.

With Update #10 also comes a paid special Help for Ukraine DLC pack where all revenue from sales of the DLC will be donated to the Ukraine Red Cross. Many of the building and vehicle models were made by the community and given to 3DIVISION to be included in the DLC for free. The DLC contains 10 new buildings including the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, Kyiv Independence Monument and the Lviv Dynamo sports complex. In addition the DLC contains five new vehicles including the An-70 cargo plane and the ZAZ Lanos car.

A new advanced traffic simulation mode allows for the management of primary and secondary roads with traffic lights. Road signage such as speed limits, stop, and no entry is now available to direct traffic.

Other additions in Update #10 include now having various industry buildings requiring water for production. Grid snapping has been added with the wireframe mode. Several additional bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements have been included in the update. A more complete list of changes can be found on the game’s Steam page here.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic including Content Update #10 is available on Windows PC through Steam as an early access game for $34.99. The Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic soundtrack is also available for $2.99 and Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Help for Ukraine DLC is available for $9.99. Visit the game’s website at for more information.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #10 | 3DIVISION

3DIVISION (@3DIVISIONgames Twitter) is an independent game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The small company of freelance developers primarily focuses on PC and console games with over 10 years of experience. Past titles include Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga.