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Cat Cafe Manager Purrs Its Way to Nintendo Switch and PC Release

Freedom Games and video game collective Roost Games today released their restaurant and adoption sim, Cat Cafe Manager, on Nintendo Switch and PC. Run a charming restaurant and help felines find a home in this simulator.

In the cozy community of Caterwaul Village exists a unique relationship between businesses and adorable kittens. Granny’s cafe, a family business, is having a grand reopening and the most recent resident of Caterwaul, the player, is in charge.

Connecting with a happy cat is an experience that just sticks with you. Cat Cafe Manager empowers cat lovers to create these magical encounters for others daily!

Rick Sorgdrager, Lead Game Designer and Writer, Roost Games

Players will find themselves in the position of creating tasty treats, getting to know the locals, and aiding adoptions of the furry feline guests. Plus there is a magical mystery waiting to be discovered. The cafe’s appeal can be boosted by welcoming in more of the city’s kitties and learning about their personalities. Colorful residents, such as the helpful witch Carla-Lala, offer help and gifts to those who take time to befriend them.

With interior upgrades and increased staffing players can up the appeal of the cafe. A wide range of decor and crafted menu selections are available to help attract new customers. Increased profits can be used to expand the cafe, add more decor, and create a relaxingly fun environment for all.

Cat Cafe Manager is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle, Epic Games Store, and Steam for $19.99. A 20% launch discount is available for the PC version until April 21, 2022. The Nintendo Switch version is available for $19.99 from the Nintendo Store. Visit or join the Roost Games Community Discord for more information.

Cat Cafe Manager Launch Trailer – PC & Switch | Freedom Games

Freedom Games (@freedomgamesgg Twitter) is a publisher that focuses on the idea of partnership when supporting developers. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans, Donovan Duncan and Ben Robinson, the publisher is staffed by a team of avid gamers with decades of collective industry experience.

Roost Games (@roostgames Twitter, @roost_games Twitch) is video game collective consisting of three indie gaming veterans. Based in The Netherlands, the veteran 2D strategy game creators previously created Reus, Renowned Explorers, and Godhood while working at Abbey Games. Now under the Roost Games banner, the team works to create charming sims that combine inviting settings and intellectual gameplay.

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