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YOLKED Adds Endless Mode, Another April Update to Crack Open Soon

Hitcents and developer Hardboiled Studios released a new update adding an Endless mode to early access platformer, YOLKED – The Egg Game.

In today’s update, YOLKED Patch 0.12, custom kitchens spawn endlessly in Endless mode. This new way to enjoy the game gives players a means of challenging themselves to beat their own high score. Players are given a tougher egg so they can last longer. Score-based collectibles can be unlocked.

Two new Easter Egg costume collectibles are included in this update. Players will notice more sound effects in the Attic and in the UI actions. A bug on the last page of the collectibles menu has been fixed and the difficulty in the Attic Lab section has seen adjustments.

A new trailer showcasing the Endless mode is available. At the end of the video both Endless Attic and Endless Garden are teased.

On April 27, another update is planned to bring new story elements to the Kitchen and Attic. Improvements on Kitchen performance are to be included.

Published by Hitcents, YOLKED – The Egg Game is a platformer with an egg trying to escape. The egg has arms and it wants to escape. Obstacles are everywhere and players will want to use the power of kinetic physics to swing their egg across levels without cracking up. A variety of collectibles such as different costumes to find and collect are scattered along the journey. Speedrunners can take on the various levels which feature multiple routes with different travel times. In the end it is all about the great egg-scape!

YOLKED – The Egg Game is available in early access for Windows and Mac through Steam for $11.99. Visit the game’s Steam page, developer’s website, or YOLKED Discord for more information.

YOLKED – Introducing ENDLESS MODE, Easter Costumes and more! | Hitcents

Hitcents (@Hitcents Twitter) is a full-service video game publisher and developer based in the United States. Founded in 1999 as an early internet advertising company, Hitcents first entered the gaming industry in 2011 with Draw a Stickman. Currently the company focuses their development on their own games while also offering publishing services to small independent teams.

HardBoiled Studios (@HardBoiledDev Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The studio was born from a student project at the University of Michigan with team members from around the world. YOLKED is the studio’s debut title appearing on Steam and consoles in 2022.