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Fractured Online MMORPG Enters Closed Beta

Publisher gamigo and developer Dynamight Studios today announced the closed beta launch of their MMORPG, Fractured Online. This closed beta phase welcomes players to explore the new continent of Aerhen.

Populated mainly by Humans, the continent of Aerhen is lush with unique biomes that will test a player’s survival skills. From cold and unforgiving mountains to a hot and oppressive volcanic region these lands will push players to their extremes. Some biomes such as the steppes suffer from sudden torrential downpours while the calmer tundra region has more than its fair share of dangerous creatures such as Jotunns, Mammoths, Arctic Wolves, and various Elementals.

Today marks a very important time in Fractured Online’s history. As of this moment, anyone can jump into the game at any time to begin their quest for knowledge and overcome threats through their own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level. Venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero or start a settlement with your guild and grow into the next empire. Take part in a robust player-driven economy, craft items for personal use or for trade, and fight off various monsters or other players in PvE/PvP combat. What players do in game is completely up to them as they can either live an honest life as a shepherd, farmer, or crafter, or choose a more violent path of hunting and scavenging.

Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios

Mixing action combat with fully interactable environments, Fractured Online is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG. The game features three races: Humans, Wildfolks, and Demons. Players will find that their race choice will have an actual impact on game mechanics such as the type of society they live in to the ways they will interact with other players. Ditching the traditional RPG leveling and skill systems, the game operates off a Knowledge System rewarding courage and cleverness over grinding.

In the game players can branch out into various economic opportunities. Trading crafted goods to faraway markets can net a tidy profit assuming one makes it to the destination alive. Free land can be claimed, secured, and cultivated. Mining, woodcutting, and herb gathering are critical parts of the economy as they provide the raw materials necessary for crafting. Hunters and scavengers provide valuable key crafting components. All of these paths can lead to riches for players who are willing to put in the effort.

Dynamight Studios utilizes the Unity game engine for Fractured Online. The backend of the game is based on SpatialOS, the world-building platform from Improbable. This allows for tens of thousands of concurrent users in the same seamless fully interactable universe.

Fractured Online is now in its closed beta phase. Players who wish to participate in the closed beta can visit the official Glyph store and purchase one of the various Founder’s Packs. Both the game and closed beta access are included in these packs that start at $25.99 and go as high as $129.99 for the Platinum pack. Each pack comes with credits, VIP months, and other in-game extras.

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What is Fractured Online? | Dynamight Studios

gamigo (@gamigo Twitter) is a leading publisher of online and mobile games in the European and North American markets. At over 400 employees, gamigo is one of the largest German companies in the gaming industry. Since 2013 the company has made more than 25 acquisitions in the video game industry and now owns a large portfolio that includes: RIFTArcheAgeTrove, and Aura Kingdome.

Dynamight Studios is an independent game development studio based in Milan, Italy. The developer’s goal is to innovate the world of Sandbox MMOs by opening it up to new audiences. Currently the studio is working to bring its flagship game, Fractured Online, to market.