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Trolley Problem, Inc. PC Release Date Set for This April

Yogcast Games and solo developer ReadGraves has set a release date for Trolley Problem, Inc., their darkly comedic philosophical adventure game. Starting on April 21, players will be judged for their awful choices based on genuine philosophical problems.

Various scenarios will challenge a player’s opinion on vaccinations, war, immigration, corporate espionage, religion, and more. Even the concept of decision making will be challenged. The journey through these challenges could impact how a player views the world and themselves.

Each decision comes with its own consequence. Characters face voiceover judgement from Jan Ravens known for work on Spitting Image and Dead Ringers. Player start off as a new recruit to Trolley Problem, Inc. with their employment being determined through some initial problem solving with limited impact on a few lives. Regardless of their pick, players are the ones who have to justify and live with their decisions.

Everything is awful at the moment, so what better way to take your mind off that fact by playing something which will make you feel worse? Trolley Problem, Inc. presents some genuinely testing and morally challenging scenarios based on philosophical problems and has been designed to spark debate in a format only possible through videogames. The journey isn’t entirely bleak – there are moments that I hope will make players laugh out loud – but ultimately, it’s a game about making hard choices and discovering more about yourself and how your moral compass compares with the rest of the world.

Samuel Read-Graves, developer of Trolley Problem, Inc.

Streamer mode allows content creators to engage with their communities. With 55 intense and thought-provoking questions across a 90-minute long playtime there are lots of opportunities for philosophical discussion.

Global statistics reflect the choices of players from around the globe. Multiple profiles allow local players to compare their choices. References are also provided for the original philosophical papers. Several unlockables are waiting to be discovered throughout the game along with some strange achievements.

Trolley Problem, Inc. has an April 21, 2022 release date set. The game will launch on Windows PC via Steam for $10.99. Interested players can wishlist the game now. Visit the game’s page on the publisher’s site here.

Trolley Problem, Inc. Trailer | Yogcast Games

Yogcast Games is an independent publisher of games from independent developers. Founded in 2017 the company’s portfolio includes: Caveblazers, Golfie, Startenders, Brunch Club, Lanlord’s Super, Helheim Hassle, Trolley Problem, Inc., and Drink More Glurp.

ReadGraves (@SamReadGraves Twitter), Samual Read-Graves, is a solo developer based in Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom. Previously Read-Graves written Dream and Mainlining with his best known work being the executive producer on Gang Beasts. His focus tends to be on smaller, unique interactive experiences and offbeat adventures.