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System Purge 2D Platformer Jumps to PC Release

Indie game developer Actual Nerds today released their challenging story driven 2D platformer, System Purge on PC.

Trapped inside of a buried and forgotten facility players must journey to the core of an ancient machine. At the core players will rescue their lost lover in this suspenseful story-driven experience.

Originally System Purge started off as a GameMaker Community (GMC) game jam winner in June 2020. The challenge for GMC Jam 37 was to create set to the theme of “It Knows Something You Don’t” within a 96 hour window. According to the developer the game remains true to its authentic indie origin.

Gameplay features seven distinct sectors including an abandoned weapons laboratory and a vast dark echo chamber. A wide variety of deadly threats and obstacles with increasing difficulty paves the way before the hero. Examples of these threats are gigantic rotating laser beam wheels, collapsing platforms, and a massive chainsaw blade slicing through the level.

Secrets await discovery and hidden challenges will help decipher the history of the ancient machine as one journeys to recuse their lost love.

The game’s trailer gives a sense of the dark atmospheric nature of the game. Keeping true to its game jam indie origins the game features classic pixel art styling while providing an challenging platformer gameplay. Trailer viewers can get an overview of the game and its style.

System Purge is available on Windows PC through Steam for $4.99. Visit the System Purge Steam page to wishlist, follow, or find more information about the game.

System Purge – Official Steam Launch Trailer | Actual Nerds

Actual Nerds (@ActualNerds Twitter) is an independent game development studio based in the United States. With four people, the agile team members wear multiple hats within the organization to make video games. The developer’s portfolio includes System Purge and The Tarnishing of Juxtia.