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Bloodhunt Battle Royale Launches This April on PC and PS5

Sharkmob on Thursday announced that their free-to-play vampire-filled battle royale, Bloodhunt, is launching on PC and PS5 this April.

After a recent playtest weekend, the bloodthirsty third-person shooter action is heading to consoles for PS5 owners. Bloodhunt dives straight into the immersive world of Prague with high quality graphics, DualSense Controller features, and Tempest 3D Audio on the PS5. An exclusive trailer for the PS5 was released that details the immersive action-packed experience.

Players will battle each other in the streets and on the rooftops of Prague’s Old Town with great visual detail. Quality Mode allows for the best rendering quality in 4K at 30fps. Performance Mode allows the game to run at 60fps in 1440P. PS5 players will also use their controller lights to help guide them in the city’s night. The lights are based on team color or when players are tacked down by opponents and being blood hunted. With the DualSense controller the immersion is further expanded upon with high fidelity sounds such as when a player feeds on a mortal human.

After a successful Early Access period, Sharkmob has been implementing feedback from the game’s community and we can’t wait to show fans how the game has progressed. We’re delighted to be bringing the game to a new audience of PlayStation 5 players and are excited to be launching the full game this April in all its glory.

David Sirland, Producer for Bloodhunt

A PlayStation 5 Founder’s Ultimate Edition for Bloodhunt will be available for pre-order. This edition includes a one-of-a-kind PS5 exclusive Samurai mask, two PS5 exclusive killer outfits: Headrush and Fast Forward, plus over 100 cosmetic items including: outfits, hairstyles, tattoos, and piercings. Plus players will receive 1,000 Tokens to spend at the in-game store to purchase the Battle Pass or new vanity items. The pre-order cost of the PlayStation 5 Founder’s Ultimate Edition is $59.99.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt launches on April 27, 2022 on PC through Steam and on PlayStation 5 for consoles. Follow @Bloodhunt on Twitter or visit for more information about the game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt – Pre-Order Available – PS5 | Sharkmob

Sharkmob (@SharkmobGames Twitter) is a game studio with office locations in Malmö, Sweden and London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017 the studio utilizes the Unreal Engine to power its AAA quality games for PC and console. In 2019 the studio was acquired by Tencent Games. Currently the studio is working on three unannounced projects.