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The Cycle: Frontier Final Closed Beta is Here

Berlin-based developer YAGER have commenced the final closed beta for their high-stakes PvPvE FPS shooter The Cycle: Frontier. Fortuna III is back and ready for prospectors to reap its rewards if they can survive.

Testers will find new features and content that has been added since last fall’s closed beta test. Nearly 350,000 players in the previous test helped to make The Cycle: Frontier the most wishlisted free-to-play game currently on Steam and number 26 overall according to SteamDB.

In this final closed beta, players will find the sci-fi alien world of Fortuna III to be even more dangerous. New in match activities will present threats and challenges to those who call down their laser drills and oil pumps. Players who are not ready to defend their big payday will find themselves quickly relieved of their goods.

Familiar animals have returned with some surprises. These new fauna variations present greater challenges and rewards for the bold and brave.

Three new faction campaigns will help guide players through their first steps. These campaigns offer both valuable new gear and insight into the game’s lore.

Bright Sands and Crescent Falls have been updated allowing for better movement. Improved visuals create a balance between the planet’s danger and beauty.

Various enhancements have been made throughout the game. Returning beta testers will notice improved combat balance, enemy AI loot, and tutorials. Several visual and audio optimizations, bug fixes, and community feedback changes are also included in the final beta.

The Cycle: Frontier final closed beta runs from March 16, 2022 until April 4, 2022. Available on Windows PC, players can register for access through Steam and Epic Games Store. For more information follow @TheCycleGame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

The Cycle: Frontier – Closed Beta 2 – ICA Teaser | YAGER

YAGER (@YAGERdev Twitter) is an independent developer of video games. Founded in 1999 the Berlin, Germany based company has five dedicated developers and artists. Their focus is on the creation of vivid and meaningful AAA gaming experiences. The company’s game portfolio includes Dreadnought, Spec Ops: The Line, and most recently The Cycle: Frontier.