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Alchemical Inc. Demo Available During Kickstarter Campaign

Looch Labs released a demo and launched the Kickstarter campaign for their first title, Alchemical INC., a first-person steampunk roguelike card battler. The indie developer has made the demo available on Steam and

At the game’s core is a single-player deckbuilding roguelite. On the streets of New Folk City players, as a kid, players live in the shadow of Alchemical INC. factory. To survive, to feed the family, players need to hustle and the currency is cards. This is where players configure their steam-powered machines called alchemical kits and control the elements in card battles against opponents. Slinging cards feeds the family and as gameplay unfolds so does the story of this world.

Over 300 cards allow players to experiment and find synergies or elemental fusions creating more powerful cards. While players are presented with lots of meaningful choices in the decks, sometimes the wrong choice is made giving way to negative consequences. Luckily for players the Market Street scene is procedurally generated for each deck they start with and each day offers new opportunities.

A Kickstarter campaign for Alchemical INC. began on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. After first 24 hours the campaign has already raised over 25% of their funding goal of $12,000 USD.

There are various support tiers available that range from $2 to $1000 USD. For example the Sulfur Tier includes a digital copy of the game, high resolution wallpaper, and a Discord title all for $18 USD. The Petroleum Tier is priced at $100 and includes a Kickstarter card back, beta access, digital copy of the game, digital developer notebook, digital art book, high resolution wallpaper, Discord title, and name in the credits.

Time-limited early bird tiers are available. The campaign is set to conclude at 6:03 AM PDT on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

To access the Alchemical INC. demo visit the game’s page or Steam page.

Alchemical INC. is planned for a Q1 2023 release on PC through Steam. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now. More information about Alchemical INC. can be found by joining the game’s Discord or by visiting the game’s website

Looch Labs (@loochlabs Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The one-man studio was founded by Steve Coluccio. Bringing 15 years of game development experience, Coluccio has a single goal and that is to make awesome video games. Occasional livestreams of the studio’s game development can be seen on Twitch.