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Core Keeper Mining Adventure Strikes Early Access Release

Fireshine Games, formerly Sold Out, and developer Pugstorm announced that their mining sandbox adventure Core Keeper is available now in early access. After a successful showing at last month’s Steam Next Fest with over 130,000 demo downloads, the game is now ready for Steam Early Access.

In the early access release, Core Keeper contains a plethora of major new features. Fishing, railroads, automation, electricity, new enemies, items, weapons, new nature biome, and three new bosses are all examples of new features.

Core Keeper has already seen an amazing response from players around the world with last month’s demo, and we are thrilled to launch the game into Early Access today. Enough can’t be said about the effort Pugstorm is putting in to make sure this is the game the community wants, and we are truly excited for players to head into the underground with today’s release.

Vincent Coates, Product Manager at Fireshine Games

Players who downloaded the demo and played during Steam Next Fest can also continue their world and their character’s adventure when they purchase the early access version of Core Keeper. Items and progress will seamlessly transfer directly into the game’s early access release. New players will still have the opportunity to play a fresh game experience.

Core gameplay is centered around 1 to 8 players who are in an ancient cavern full of creatures, treasures, and trinkets. By mining relics and resources, players can build their base, craft new equipment, and survive. To accompany players on their journey is powerful soundtrack composed by the renowned Jonathan Geer (@j0nmark Twitter) who is known for his work in film, tv, and video games.

In these caverns players will find lots of activities to keep them busy. From defeating giant monsters to tending crops there is always something to do in this procedurally generated underground world. If players dig deep enough they might even unravel the mystery of the ancient core.

After one and half years of hard work we are excited to release Core Keeper into Steam Early Access today. The community reaction to the Steam Next Fest demo was incredible, and we are thrilled for this major next chapter. We are happy to welcome new and returning players into the world of Core Keeper, and will be listening closely to the community’s feedback throughout Early Access as we continue to add exciting new content and features.

Sven Thole, CEO & Animator at Pugstorm

A roadmap for Core Keeper has also been released on the game’s Steam page. Update 1 will feature The Sunken Sea biome along with new mechanics and other content. Update 2 will feature a desert biome and Update 3 will feature a crystal biome. The developer would like to eventually add boats, friendly animals, emotes, more character customizations, more unique locations, more unique items, dedicated servers, additional localizations, and porting to consoles.

Core Keeper is available in early access on Windows and Linux for PC through Steam for $12.99 USD. A 10% special launch discount promotion runs on Steam until March 15, 2022. More information about Core Keeper can be found by following @CoreKeeperGame, joining the game’s Discord, or by visiting the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Core Keeper – Early Access Launch Trailer | Pugstorm, Fireshine Games

Pugstorm (@pugstormgames Twitter) is a game development studio that specializes in pixel art games. Based in Sweden, the 2016 founded studio won a prize for their concept behind Radical Rabbit Stew. The studio went on to form a publishing deal with the then Sold Out, now Fireshine Games, to finalize and release the game. Currently the studio is busy working on their second title, Core Keeper.

Fireshine Games (@FireshineGames Twitter) is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the company was originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded the company as Fireshine Games to have a brand name that better suits the company moving forward since digital games have a difficult time being sold out.