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Alchemical INC. Steampunk Card Battler Announced, Kickstarter Soon

Independent game developer Looch Labs announced details about their first title, Alchemical INC., a first-person steampunk roguelike card battler. Using card battles players will manage steam-powered machines called alchemical kits on the streets of New Folk City.

As a kid living on the dirty streets of New Folk City and in the shadow of the Alchemical INC. factory, one learns to hustle or starve. To buy food, one will need cards. Hustling locals and scuffling with Alchemists will earn cards and help players build their deck.

Mobsters, schemers, and Alchemists fill the streets of the city. Carefully maneuvering, negotiating, and defeating these individuals will reward new cards. Sometimes alchemical kit parts or even food may be the reward. Alchemical kits are at the center of the city where everyone’s desire is to become an Alchemist. Unfortunately for most, few possess the right skill, knowledge, and patience to safely and effectively manage their machines in order to achieve victory.

The core cards of the game are elementals. Each represents a different real-world element such as Thermite, Zinc, or Water. Using these elementals in one’s alchemical kit allows for the charging of one’s machine for powerful attacks. Combining different elements can lead to the discovery of new recipes and even more powerful combos. While playing elementals is part of the battle, the order in which cards are played or rather fused will impact the outcome.

Over 300 cards are planned for the game. Hustling will reward players with other unique cards including action cards that react to the elements of one’s opponent. Punch cards provide passive abilities to an alchemical kit. New Alchemist cards can alter the archetype of one’s deck. The deckbuilding possibilities and fusing opportunities allow for a massive number of different outcomes.

A Kickstarter for Alchemical INC. is planned in the near future. Interested backers can selected to be notified when the campaign launches by visiting the game’s project page and selecting the notification option.

Alchemical INC. is planned for a 2023 release on PC through Steam. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now. More information about Alchemical INC. can be found by joining the game’s Discord or by visiting the game’s website

Alchemical INC. – Announcement Trailer | Looch Labs

Looch Labs (@loochlabs Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The one-man studio was founded by Steve Coluccio. Bringing 15 years of game development experience, Coluccio has a single goal and that is to make awesome video games. Occasional livestreams of the studio’s game development can be seen on Twitch.