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Eden Falling Alpha Update Squashes Some Bugs

Razor Edge Games has provided a bug squashing update for the Eden Falling Alpha 2 closed test for their sci-fi RPG. This update features fixes for recently discussed problems such as UI bugs and Bar scene issues.

Alpha 2 has been ongoing since September of last year and has seen plenty of updates to fix bugs and improve the overall gameplay experience. The February 25 update features updates and fixes for several known issues. One of the biggest changes is seen in the Bar scene lighting. A potentially seizure-inducing bug with the lights has been fixed making the area safe for all players.

Text overlapping on the tutorial level of the build UI has been cleaned up. Players should no longer get stuck on the loading screen after creating a character. Plus the delay when clicking the check box on the firs tutorial message has been addressed.

Players should find that their inability to select an action or draw any cards is no longer an issue. Mismatched faction quiz results now are showing the correct results. Some NPCs are pulling up their pants and no long show glitched shaders. The missing materials in the helipad mesh assets have been found and resupplied.

More fixes are planned as the game continues development throughout the year. Players currently in the Alpha are still encouraged to keep submitting bugs and provide constructive feedback via the form provided from the game’s Steam page.

Eden Falling is planned for a Windows PC early access release on Steam in 2022. Players can wishlist and follow the game now on Steam. For more information on Eden Falling follow @EdenFalling on Twitter or visit

Eden Falling In-Game Cinematic Trailer | Razor Edge Games

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