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Eden Falling Alpha 2 Update

Razor Edge Games provided an update for the Eden Falling Alpha 2 closed testing that is currently underway for their sci-fi RPG. The developer is thrilled by the level of turnout from players who have been creating their customized survivors that are braving the dangerous wastelands of The AfterFall.

Since September 5, the Alpha 2 closed test has been ongoing. The purpose is to collect feedback from the community and then translate the feedback into improvements for the game. With the hundreds of testers, meaningful critique has been an invaluable to the development process and the development team expresses their extreme gratefulness to all players who have shared their thoughts.

We’ve been really excited to invite players into Eden Falling to create their own fully-customizable wasteland survivor, take down marauders and mutated creatures through our turn-based combat system, and explore the of the untamed wilds of the AfterFall.

While the closed alpha will contain just a fraction of the content planned for the full game, we hope participating players will enjoy taking an early look at our tabletop game-inspired RPG and look forward to the game’s early access release next year.

Mike Weiser, CEO at Razor Edge Games

According to the developer there is always more work to be done and the team would like to thank the community for its patience and support. Currently the studio is hard at work expanding, enriching, and polishing the game in effort to turn Eden Falling into one of the most satisfying RPGs on the market.

For those who are interested and have yet to sign up for the Eden Falling Alpha 2 Test there is still time to jump in as this round of testing is planned to continue for several more weeks. Additionally new amenities, areas, and tasks will be patched into the game in the near future giving players many new opportunities to test these additions out.

Anyone who is able to solve the ARG running across the Razor Edge Games’ social media channels will be gifted a key to enter the alpha test. Interested players who wish to stay up to date with the game are encouraged to sign up for the mailing list on the game’s website.

Eden Falling is planned for an early access release in 2022. The game is planned for a Windows PC launch on Steam. Players can wishlist and follow the game now on Steam. For more information on Eden Falling follow @EdenFalling on Twitter or visit

Eden Falling In-Engine Cinematic | Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games is an independent game development studio based in Gilbert, Arizona. Featuring a diverse collective of more than 140 artists and gamers from around the world, the studio’s mission is to create replayable content-driven experiences fueled by innovation.