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Dread Hunger Brings Deadly Deception to PC

Digital Confectioners launched their multiplayer game, Dread Hunger, on PC that features survival and betrayal on a deadly Arctic voyage. Set in the 1840’s, the game allows eight player-controlled explorers to immerse themselves on a mission of exploration where all are not who they seem.

Eight players set sail on an Arctic exploration voyage. Two players are selected as thralls who are determined to sabotage the mission. Using a mix of voice chat social deception and roleplaying allows players to bring their character to life. Each of the six explorers must work together to gather resources and power the steamship to its destination while dealing with the harsh realities of the Arctic climate.

Two players are determined to end the voyage as soon as possible. By poisoning food, massacring crewmembers, blowing holes in the ship, and invoking dark magic, thralls can accomplish their goal. However, they must also keep up their ruse as a loyal explorer.

Besides the thralls others threats present challenges to the mission. Starvation, wolves, and cannibal attacks are just a handful of the gruesome fates that threaten the explorers. Establishing trust is key to survival for all as long as that trust is not misplaced.

The team has worked side by side with our community to deliver a thrilling social deduction game with PvP elements that puts players in the roles of Arctic explorers on a voyage gone wrong. Dread Hunger is about working together to survive while not knowing whom to trust. It’s a game that can bring out the best in players while offering the most duplicitous options for the two Thralls hidden amongst the crew to exploit. It can be exciting, frustrating, and suspenseful by turns, with the only certainty being that no two voyages will be the same.

Alex Quick, Creative Director of the Dread Hunger Team

Dread Hunger is available on Windows PC through Steam for $29.99 USD. A variety of cosmetic DLC items, such as hats, glasses, pipes, and rings, are available with prices starting at $2.99 USD. More information about Dread Hunger can be found by following @DreadHungerGame on Twitter or by visiting

Dread Hunger – Launch Trailer | Digital Confectioners

Digital Confectioners (@DiCoStudio Twitter) is an independent PC and console games studio. Based in New Zealand, the studio creates high-quality service-based games utilizing their expertise with the Unreal Engine. The studio’s portfolio includes Depth, Last Tide, and Dread Hunger. In addition the studio has created two popular Fortnite creative maps under the creator name “DiCo” during the game’s “Love and War” event.