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Void Slayer Arena FPS Takes on Endless Enemies

Independent game developer Madmind Studio has released their bullet hell FPS arena game, Void Slayer, digitally on Steam. This title comes from a special division of Madmind Studio called Madmind Studio: After Hours.

At the heart of Void Slayer is an original idea wrapped with a very challenging shooter. Nameless Gods have stripped players of their mortality and cast them into the void. By one’s own sheer will, players find themselves suspend above the void. Hordes of creatures have taken notice and want to knock the player into the mindless abyss. The only question is how long will one survive?

The arena is everything including the player’s health. Each hit taken will reduce the arena’s size and push the player that much closer to the abyss. Players can avoid damage with the aid of double jumps and dashes. To dispose of the enemies there are two different attacks, one for each hand and the powerful magical gloves they wear.

Various types of enemies with unique behavioral patterns will attack the player. Nightmarish obelisk structures serve as a portal passageway for these foes. Destroying the obelisks close the portal and will reward players with a powerful gem that upgrades the magical gloves’ attacks. The more crystals broken, the more powerful the gloves become.

Flares will shed some light in the otherwise dark and cold environment. The environment is destructible. For those who survive the longest, there is a global leaderboard for players to see how they compare to others and their friends.

Void Slayer is available on Windows PC through Steam for $4.99 USD. A 10% launch discount is available until January 31, 2022. More information about Void Slayer is available on the game’s Steam page.

Void Slayer – Launch Trailer | Madmind Studio

Madmind Studio is a game development studio founded in 2016 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. Currently, the studio features a team of 25 developers that includes industry veterans who have worked on numerous AAA titles such as Witcher 3, The DivisionSniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Alien Rage, Enemy Front, Real Boxing 2, Godfire: Rise of the Prometheus, and more. The studio’s goal is to create visually stunning games with a unique atmosphere. Projects from the studio include: Agony, Succubus, Paranoid, Tormentor, and Void Slayer.