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The Lawyer Episodic Crime Story Game Announced

Polish game development hub ManyDev Studio announced the first details of their episodic crime story game The Lawyer. Set in the 1990’s the game’s story takes players from the crime scene to the courtroom with all the drama in between.

Two playable characters are available in The Lawyer. Mike Ferry, an attorney who just exited rehab, and Hector Diaz, a private eye known for his underhanded work, allow players to utilize their unique perks and traits to explore the story. As players immerse themselves into the fully interactive testimonies and cross-examinations in the courtroom, they can also examine the evidence and look for clues as to who is the real culprit.

In the story players will make decisions that will affect the current case as well as future events and even the storyline as a whole. The first episode is titled The Red Bathtub and features exactly what one would think, a crime scene in a bathtub.

Since the story is set in the 1990’s the game also features time-accurate technology and crime-solving equipment. In other words no smart phones and dial-up internet at best. Players will want to look out for the hot shot district attorney in the courtroom who is trying to undermine all efforts and win the jury’s favor.

The Lawyer Episode 1: The Red Bathtub has a yet to be announced release date for the Windows PC Steam release. Interested gamers can wishlist and follow the game now on Steam.

ManyDev Studio (@ManyDevStudio Twitter) is a Polish game development hub with more than a dozen teams working on at least one project. The studio’s focuses on many different game genres and types with their independent, talented, and experienced teams.