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Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga Adds New Boss

Gearbox Publishing and developer Norsfell released Season 2: Serpent Saga of their Viking survival RPG Tribes of Midgard. Available now on both PC and PlayStation Season 2 allows players to take a slash at the new Saga Boss: Jörmungandr, the World Serpent.

Sail the world of Midgard with the new open seas biome. Build a boat, swim around in the waters, and take out new exotic enemies. Available to any who owns the game, Season 2 content is free and offers new weapons and armor, five new runes, six new starter kits, new saga quests, new rewards track, and various quality of life improvements. In addition players can enjoy the holiday season with a festive Yulidays event.

Season 2 is the next evolution of Tribes of Midgard – boating opens up our bright Viking sandbox and introduces players to new ways to play, new enemies and of course a brand new Saga Boss. We endeavor to make Tribes of Midgard an ever-growing world where our players can return for new adventures together, time and time again – Serpent Saga is one more step along this path. We will continue to deliver on this promise with the help and feedback of our community of 1 million players.

Julian Maroda, Creative Director of Norsfell

Players can find their shipyard right outside their village on an ash beach biome. The shipyard must be rebuilt before players can craft boat kits and sail the seven seas. Boats can be built only in the open seas off of a coastline. Smaller boats require less materials and are more nimble, but are flimsier. Leveling up the shipyard allows for larger boats, hold more players, faster travel, and more HP.

In case one’s ship has an unfortunate accident or for short trips, Vikings can now swim in any body of water. A Viking is only limited by their stamina gauge when taking a swim. At zero stamina one will start taking damage until the water claims them.

The islands of Midgard host a variety of new friends and foes. Selkie is a sneaky creature that disguises itself as a seal and uses its mythical abilities to slow one’s attack speed to boost their own. Fossegrim travel in groups and use their lyres to boost nearby allies and can even revive them when they die.

At the heart of the ocean is the lair of The World Serpent. To even engage Jörmungandr players will need to find three beacons to unlock the lair. Those who attempt to tackle this boss before Fimbulwinter should note this boss is notorious for his deadly poison, enormous size, and mastery of the seas.

To get into the holiday spirit a three week long Yulidays event is scheduled. Players can unlock cosmetics, a pet, and other festive goodies as a part of three limited-time festive challenges. One will need to log in every week to unlock all the drops. Complete Season 2 patch notes can be found here.

Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga is available now on Windows PC through Humble Bundle, Steam and Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5. The Tribes of Midgard Standard Edition is priced at $19.99 USD and a Deluxe Edition is available on Humble Bundle, Steam, Epic Games Store, and the PlayStation Store. More information about Tribes of Midgard can be found by following @tribesofmidgard on Twitter, joining the game’s official Discord or visiting the game’s website at

Tribes of Midgard – Season 2: Serpent Saga Launch Trailer | Gearbox Publishing

Norsfell (@norsfell Twitter) is a game developer based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2013, a group of adventurers set out with a dream to forge new genres and bring people together. The name Norsfell was chosen as it is a combination of “Norse” and “Fell” which means mountain in old Norse. This was to show the group’s desire to achieve great things no matter how big.

Gearbox Publishing (@GearboxOfficial Twitter) was established in 2016 with the goal of helping developers from around the world bring their products to market while retaining their unique creative visions. Starting with Homeworld Remastered Collection, the company has since expanded to include many partnerships such as tiny Build’s Hello Neighbor, System Era Softworks’ Astroneer, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few, Hopoo’s Risk of Rain 2 and Counterplay Games’ PlayStation 5 launch title, Godfall.

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