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CryoFall R31 Singleplayer Update

Daedalic Entertainment and AtomicTorch Studio released R31, the Singleplayer Update for their 2D survival alien world sci-fi multiplayer colony sim CryoFall. Now live, the update brings support for local servers with full support for LAN.

Along with the update release all the official PvE and PvP servers were wiped. Regional servers were consolidated. Instead of six Europe PvE servers there is now a single PvE for Europe. More servers will be added if current capacity is exceeded. This applies to all regional servers.

Starting with R31 all official PvE servers will have regular wipes every six weeks. The current every three week wipe cycle for PvP servers will remain in place. This duration may change based on feedback and players are encouraged to give the developer feedback once they have played the update.

As usual with previous updates, the developer is providing a legacy branch for the R30 version. This will allow players to keep playing in a community or private server that has not yet updated to R31.

Besides the new server changes, a range of new content has been added in the R31 update. A new technology tier called “Escape” specifically designed for end-game content has been added. New Keinite based mech called Nemesis has been added that has a unique behavior where it automatically heals itself without the need to use repair packs. An Events completionist page now tracks all events the player has participated in.

Axes and pickaxes are made significantly faster allowing for faster resource gathering. The amount of ammunition crafted is doubled. So players will receive 20 rounds instead of 10 for the same crafting cost. Stack capacity for many item types have increased. Several other bug fixes, improvements and balance changes have been included. A full list of changes can be found here.

CryoFall is available in full release on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. In addition a timed 8 hour full version demo of the game is available on Steam. For more information about CryoFall visit the game’s website at

CryoFall Full Release Trailer | Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment (@daedalic Twitter) is a publisher that develops high-quality games for all platforms. The publisher is based in Hamburg, Germany and was founded in March, 2007. In May 2014 the publisher became a member of the Bastei Lübbe group of companies.

AtomicTorch Studio (@AtomicTorch Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Singapore. Founded in 2013 the studio strives to develop innovative, fun, and accessible games that fuse gameplay and visuals from classic titles with modern technologies and novel ideas. CryoFall is the third and most ambitious title from the studio.

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