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GRIME Action-RPG Metroidvania Released on PC

Akupara Games and Tiltan School of Design internal studio Clover Bite released their action-RPG metroidvania game, GRIME, on PC and Stadia. Using “living weapons” players get to smash through a legion of rock enemies while absorbing their life essences.

A brand new game launch trailer is available for GRIME that shows off all the rock breaking gameplay and the blackhole head that sucks in the life essence of enemies. The trailer also shows a brief glimpse of the skill progression system with numerous ability traits. Lastly, the video shows the earthly world in full 3D rendered visual detail that includes dark weeping caves and face-covered deserts.

The surreal dark fantasy world is completely interconnected and full of characters from distinct civilizations. Enemies born from the earth itself will provide a challenge right before the player swallows them whole. From parrying attacks to outright smashing them to bits, players absorb their essence to grow their own strength as their war on this living world is waged.

Weapons are made of living creatures. These weapons can be seamlessly swapped and mutate during combat with types that include clawing swords and centipede whips. As one hunts down and absorbs challenging foes, a player can then customize their playstyle to fit their needs. When the boss battles arrive players will need to adapt their strategies as they take on monsters that are vastly bigger. For those who can withstand the assault, the consumption of a boss enables game-changing abilities that affect both combat and movement.

Don’t be fooled as GRIME is a difficult game. The brutal combat style offers a unique risk/reward system to implement upgrades. With an expansive world to explore, players will have plenty of hard challenges before them as they work towards finding the source of the madness that plagues the lands and even remove it from the earth.

GRIME is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $24.99 USD. A 10% launch promotion is available until August 9, 2021. The game is also available on Stadia for Stadia Pro subscribers. For more information about GRIME follow @Play_GRIME on Twitter or visit

GRIME – Launch Trailer | Akupara Games

Akupara Games (@akuparagames Twitter) is an indie game studio based in Los Angeles, California. The studio is composed of game industry veterans that focus their energy and resources as an “indie for indies” company through development, publishing, porting, and advising support.

Clover Bite is the internal studio of Tiltan School of Design. Based in Haifa, Isreal, the studio allows students to get both industry and studio experience while still in school. The founding team of Clover Bite developed GRIME after the five member team set out to design a blend of Dark Souls and Hollow Knight.

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