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Cinderstone Online MMORPG Closed Beta

Codevision announced that their cute 2.5D open-world MMORPG Cinderstone Online, formerly known as Fioresia Online, is launching a closed beta. In addition to the new name and closed beta, the developers unveiled a brand new trailer highlighting many of the game’s activities.

Be whoever one wants to be is at the heart of Cinderstone Online. A fighter, a merchant, a thief, a dungeon conqueror, a region ruler, a leader of a large guild, a peaceful farmer or a salty fisherman are all options for one to choose. Most importantly though, players are encouraged to make some new friends.

Besides a captivating epic main story, there is also a shared worldly experience where players will want to interrupt plans from various gods who want to take over the world. Through both periodic and time-limited dynamic global quests, the adventures in Cinderstone Online are always being challenged by these gods who are envious of their world. If the community fails to come together to stop the gods then the world itself will change for everyone.

The world of Cinderstone Online is vast and open. Many mini-games, jumping puzzles, and secrets await the curious explorers who set out to seek them throughout the world. Players can band together to create or join a guild. From big battle PvP with other guilds to challenging PvE content, guilds offer players an opportunity to form new friendships.

Instanced dungeons allow a party of four players to take on various enemies. Bigger persistent world bosses require large raids that grant achievements and big loot. Combat is a 2D-3D mix of non-target action with the holy. Players can travel with their caravan and sell their goods to distant towns as a merchant that offers guards versus thief PvP action. Castles can be conquered and defended in sieges where the region in the persistent world can be managed that includes nodes and towns with the help of the community and gold collected from taxes.

Players can pick their life skills whether it be a lumberjack or a miner. Leveling up different life skills and discovering rare items allow one to make loads of money and unlock achievements. With all that money a player can buy their own house and garden where they can customize it, grow plants, cook food and do various other activities.

Cinderstone Online will be available on Steam when the game launches at a future date in 2021. Interested players can wishlist the game on Steam and those interested in the Cinderstone Online Closed Beta can request access on the game’s Steam page as well. For more information about Cinderstone Online follow @FioresiaOnline on Twitter or visit

Cinderstone Online Announcement | Codevision

Codevision is a small development team based in Bolzano, Italy. Founded by Davide Moriello and Daniel Hafner in 2021, the team is comprised of gamers at their core who are driven by their passion for the gaming industry. The company’s mission is to create fun experiences that involves a community having a share passion. Currently the team is busy working on their MMORPG project Cinderstone Online.