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Creepy Tale 2 Is a Spooky Sequel Puzzle Adventure

Russian indie developer Creepy Brothers released their spooky puzzle adventure Creepy Tale 2 on Steam for PC. This release is the next entry in the series and a sequel to the graphic adventure Creepy Tale. Released in early 2020, the first entry has received over a 1000 reviews on Steam and currently holds an 87% overall very positive review status.

The point-and-click horror takes place in an unnamed kingdom. Both humans and supernatural beings coexist peacefully here. However, now an unknown evil force has started bewitching young girls and turning them into servants. Even the princess of the kingdom has suffered the same fate.

In this sequel players will see how this mystery has affected the lives of the the young kid Lars and his family. Lars’ father was attacked by this evil entity. His sister, Ellie, was bewitched and taken. Now Lars feels that his hand has been forced and must venture into the unknown. Seeking to unveil the truth behind all the dark magic, Lars is stepping to what must be done in order to rescue his own little sister.

Inspired by the old, dark Central European fairy tales many have heard in their childhood, the sequel features a decadent cartoonish art style similar to that of games like Knock-knock! and Don’t Starve. Gameplay is narrative-focused and accessible for players of any kind. Puzzles are both clever and original in design that will help lead Lars to his sister and the creature behind her kidnapping. Fully voiced in English, the game is also localized in Russian.

Creepy Tale 2 is available on Windows PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. A 10% off launch discount is available on Steam until July 23, 2021. The Creepy Tale 2 Soundtrack is available for $4.99 USD and a Creepy Tale 2 with Soundtrack bundle is also available. Players can also purchase the original Creepy Tale on Steam for $4.99 USD. For more information about Creepy Tale 2 visit the game’s webpage on the developer’s website here.

Creepy Tale 2 Official Trailer | Creepy Brothers Studio

Creepy Brothers Studio (@creepybrostudio Twitter) is a team from Russia that started their work in the golden age of Flash games under the banner of Black Square and then later Deqaf Studio. Under those names the team released Dangerous Adventure, StrikeForce Kitty and MadBurger. Now under the Creepy Brothers Studio name, the indie studio work includes Make War, Picklock, Creepy Tale, and Creepy Tale 2.