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Monobot 2D Physics Puzzle Platformer Out on PC

Ukuza and game developer DreamSmith Studio released their 2D physics-based puzzle platformer, Monobot, on PC through Steam. Players help guide a small robot through his solo adventure and discover buried secrets of the world around them.

Meet Mono. He is a tiny simple robot who has come online. Mono is alone and without answers. With help from players, Mono will begin his solo journey. Puzzles will need to be unraveled in order to recover or rather uncover the buried secrets of the dystopian world that Mono finds himself in.

Without much knowledge of the world around him Mono must rely upon his ingenuity and reflexes. The desolate world is full of challenges and obstacles. As Mono travels the lands, players are able to upgrade the small robot with unique enhancements that will greatly aid his journey. From a magnetic arm to a teleportation arm, these upgrades will provide Mono with the tools necessary for new creative solutions to the puzzles before him.

The game features seven chapters of a vast world full of puzzles, stealth, and danger. Depending on the gameplay choices made there are alternate endings. During Mono’s journey various communication logs can be found. Collecting these documents and deciphering them will help discover the final fate of humanity.

Monobot is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A special 15% off release promotion runs until June 25, 2021 on Steam. For more information about Monobot visit the game’s Steam page.

Monobot – Official Game Launch Trailer | Ukuza

Ukuza (@Ukuza_games Twitter) is a United States based game publisher and development studio that launched in 2016. The studio is focused on bringing fantastic stories and characters to life through immersive gameplay. Coming off a partnership with Konami, the company has been actively signing new titles to share with the world starting with the game title Monobot.

DreamSmith Studio (@DreamSmithStud1 Twitter) is a video game developer that was founded in 2019. The studio’s name is derived from the words “DreamWorks” and “ironsmith” to be craftsmen of great games using a team that has 6 years of game development experience in the Asia game market.