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Hokko Life Early Access Release Date Set for June

Team17 and Wonderscope Games are inviting players to enjoy the simple life in the cozy community sim, Hokko Life. An early access release date for Hokko Life has been set for June 2, 2021 and the laid-back town of Hokki is awaiting.

Creative control is at the heart and soul of of Hokko Life. Players have the opportunity to design just about every aspect of their character’s life. From personalizing one’s wallpaper choices to the size and position of chair cushions, players can dive into the tiny little details to make their home in Hokko feel like their dream home.

A powerful editing system is available in the game through their old dusty workshop. By crafting materials and combining them is various ways, players can create new furniture and items for their town. Materials can be collected from several different sources such as wood from the forest or objects dug up in the abandoned mine. For example, collected flowers can be used to mix paints that are in turn used to design new wallpapers, flooring, and clothing. The workshop gives players total freedom to design a town that the villagers will enjoy and love.

There is a whole lot more to just crafting items and decorating in the world of Hokko. With the aid of a resident builder players can expand the town and place new buildings for recent town arrivals. Quiet fishing spots are scattered around the area where one can reel in some big ones for their fish collection. From the meadow to the forest all sorts of bugs call these places their home. Insect collectors will want to keep their eyes wide open and be ready to expand their collection as they explore and relax in this simple life sim.

Hokko Life has an early access release date set for June 2, 2021. The game will be available on PC through Steam. Players can add now Hokko Life to their wishlist on the Steam platform. For more information on Hokko Life visit the game’s website at, follow @hokkolife on Twitter or join the official Hokko Life Discord.

Hokko Life Steam Early Access Release Date Trailer | Team17

Wonderscope Games is solo developer studio based out of Stockholm, Sweden and sometimes Japan when it is too chilly. Founded by Robert Tatnell (@robbodev Twitter) who previously worked at Sony and Lionhead, the studio aims to deliver high-quality titles that promote player freedom and creativity.

Team17 Digital Ltd (@Team17 Twitter) is an international video game label and creative partner for independent developers. Founded in 1990 the Team17 portfolio comprises of over 100 games of which includes The Escapists, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, and the Worms franchise.