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Fate of Kai Innovative Puzzle Game Controls Thoughts

Trylight Game Studio and The Game Publisher have released a unique innovative puzzle game where players control the thoughts of the characters in Fate of Kai. The colorfully illustrated single player point and click game is available now on both PC and mobile devices.

Controlling and manipulating characters thoughts are at the core of Fate of Kai. Every time a character thinks of something or has an idea, players can change the course of the narrative. In order to fix the present one must go to the past. Players can explore the various storylines and solve complex puzzles all in an effort to get Kai to the castle.

Puzzles in the game are designed to give players an experience to remember. There are no tutorials. A natural learning curve is in place that builds upon previous puzzles and helps players prepare for the next challenge.

The entirety of the game is presented in a colorfully illustrated book. There are over 160 pages with more than 700 panels of detailed illustrations presented in a hand-drawn comic book format. To accompany the immersive gameplay experience an original dynamic soundtrack, created by Wwise, is included with music that changes according to the events on the page.

At the end of 2017 work had begun on the Fate of Kai. The game entered in a local competition where it took first place. In 2019, Fate of kai was presented at GDC and Game Connection America where it received 7 nominations and was the most nominated game of the year. At the Big Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, the game was nominated twice more and went on to win a Humble Bundle Award. Currently the game has earned itself four awards in addition to nine more nominations.

Fate of Kai is available on Windows PC and mobile. PC players can find Fate of Kai on Steam for $11.99 USD. Mobile gamers can find Fate of Kai on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices a the price of $2.99 USD.

Fate of Kai – Launch Trailer (Mobile Version) | Trylight Game Studio

Trylight Game Studio (@TrylightGames Twitter) is an award winning video game development studio based in Argentina. The studio’s passion lies in using video games as a means of expression that expands one’s horizons and seeks constant improvement in all areas involving development while offering the best experience to players. Fate of Kai is the studio’s first commercial title and has received several nominations and awards.

The Game Publisher (@PublisherGames Twitter) is a community-focused game publisher. The company operates out of locations in England, Scotland, and Germany. Testing is a core idea to the publisher where every stage of development involves the community of committed players allowing developers and players to communicate through structured feedback.