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Control: Override Is a Puzzle Game About Control

B-Deshi Interactive and publisher Brain Station 23 Limited released their puzzle game, Control: Override, that shares control between the player and the environment. In a battle against a rogue AI players get a colorful journey into the depths of cyberspace through a 2D platformer.

As a hacker, players hack into a rogue AI. The goal is to terminate the AI that the hacker had previously created. In order to breakthrough the various AI’s security layers, players will need to solve puzzles. With each success the hacker will advance closer and closer to the core. Upon reaching the core, the hacker can then terminate the rogue program and might even learn the truth about why the AI went rogue.

The minimalist neon style of the game offers physics defying puzzles. While the game’s mechanics may seem simple, they will on occasion have unexpected consequences. Problem solving is an iterative process so with the rewind mechanic players can go back and fix their mistakes. There are multiple game endings for the intriguing story that form a jigsaw puzzle-like narrative for the hacker that hacked his own AI.

Control: Override is available on Windows PC through Steam and for $2.99 USD. A demo is also available on both platforms for players to try before buying. A launch discount of 10% is available on Steam until April 27, 2021. For more information about Control: Override follow @ControlOverride on Twitter or visit the game’s website here.

Control: Override – Release Trailer | B-Deshi Interactive

B-Deshi Interactive is a Bangladeshi Indie game development studio. The company is run by a Bangladeshi CSE student who initially started dabbling in game development as a hobby. Their studio’s page contains several projects that are various prototypes and game jam entries. Currently Control: Override is the first title from the studio to be released on Steam.

Brain Station 23 Limited (@BrainStation23 Twitter) is one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh. The Dhaka based company is proud to be one of the few game publishing companies in South Asia. Taking pride in valuable feedback, the publisher helps bring games up to standards gamers expect while helping creatives and developers determine the big picture scope of their projects.