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Survive the Rift Roguelite Shoot’Em Up Side-Scrolls to Steam Early Access

Independent Canadian game developer Monster Helix Games blasted in to Steam early access with their roguelite shoot’em up side-scroller title Survive the Rift. Inspired by 16-bit era scrolling shooters, the game takes the best of that genre and integrates modern roguelite features and game mechanics for some classic sci-fi space blasting action in 2D.

At the start of Survive the Rift’s early access launch there are seven ships available in game. Each ship offers different starting weapons and stats. There are over 70 items including ships, modules, pods, and weapons in the game. All of these items can be used in the three fully playable sectors that have five stages per sector.

Players have the choice of choosing their own path. One can either opt for the potentially easier route or go for the more challenging path. Every level is procedurally generated offering players both replayability and fresh challenges. With the early access launch the developer plans on delivering what they think is the “core experience” of the game.

The early access phase is expected to last about six months. From the start of the project, the developer knew they wanted to involve the community in the design of the game. The goal is to keep working with the community until the developer feels they have a polished and feature complete game.

In the full version of the game the plan is to have challenge levels or rather non-randomized levels. Sector four with new enemy types and level art along with more bosses, enemies, secret areas and level variations are planned. Currently there are no story sequences and a few music tracks. Later on both will be expanded upon.

Survive the Rift is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. More information about Survive the Rift can be found on the game’s Steam page.

Survive the Rift Game Trailer (Roguelite Shoot’Em Up) | Monster Helix Games

Monster Helix Games (@monsterhelix1 Twitter) is an independent game development studio based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Survive the Rift is the studio’s first title project and the studio is busy continuing the roguelite shoot’em up’s development throughout the early access phase of the game.