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Revita Gets Beasts and Bees Early Access Update

Solo indie developer BenStar aka Benjamin Kiefer along with support from publisher Dear Villagers released a Beasts and Bees update for the early access roguelite game Revita. The new addition is the first major update for the 2D pixelated dungeon crawling world of Revita and a new content roadmap provides some details for the next major update.

With the Beasts and Bees Update for Revita comes a lot of new things. There are 2 new NPCs, 18 relics, and a whole new branching path for players to explore. Plus there is a really awesome Celestial weapon in addition to hats, achievements, secrets, and frogs.

Several quality of life and balancing changes were included in the update. Relics have been rebalanced to make the overall gameplay experience feel more balanced. Examples include increased chance of critical damage or stat boosts. Overall players should notice smoother gameplay as player feedback has been taken and acted upon with dialogue skips, a quick restart button, and a proper mouse lock system.

Players now can zoom the camera out for better view of the level. Mashes are holds are now skippable and players now have the ability to dash towards the mouse. A more complete list of changes can be found on the game’s Steam page here.

Phew! This update was a huge amount of work, but totally worth it. None of this would be possible without the feedback from players. I’m so grateful, and I hope I’ve done you all proud.

Benjamin Kiefer, Developer, Revita

For Kiefer the game was a heart-sacrificing journey that took four years to develop. In Revita players work to reclaim their lost memory by climbing an ominous clock tower. This is accomplished by passing through a series of procedural encounter rooms and defeating challenging bosses along the way. During the journey players can trade health for randomized upgrades with the game daring them to live on the edge.

At the start of early access this past March, the game offered three different biomes with more than 150 relics for players to use to create their own ultimate combos. Several strange endearing residents inhabited the world in which the player could meet. There is a customizable station hub for resting, and initially over 30 vanity hats.

Revita is available in early access on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $14.99 USD. For more information about Revita visit the game’s Steam page or follow @RevitaGame on Twitter.

BenStar (@BenstarDEV Twitter) aka Benjamin Kiefer is a solo indie developer based in Germany. Kiefer is a self-trained programmer and pixel artist who has amassed a loyal Twitter following. While he loves to make bouncy and highly polished games with attention to small details, Kiefer also aims to create rich and interesting worlds with fun and addictive gameplay.

Dear Villagers (@DearVillagers Twitter) is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital. The publisher, previously known as Playdius, rebranded under the Dear Villagers brand in February 2019 after a $2.25 million investment. Currently they are working on building a line-up of titles on PC and consoles from several genres that includes RPG, Metroidvania, Rhythm Games, and Survival Management.

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