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Demon Skin is Brutal Hack and Slash Action

Buka Entertainment and developer LUDUS FUTURE released a brutal 2D hack and slash game, Demon Skin, on PC with console versions later this year. As a hard-slicing dark fantasy, this game combines elements of both tactical stance-based brawlers and the dangers of platforming.

The story of the game is centered around a darkness that has spread to the far corners of the universe and threatens the world. Members of the Order of Wanderers have the superhuman divine powers necessary to resist this threat. While witnessing a sinister ritual with an ancient powerful artifact, a member named Roy tired to intervene resulting in the artifacts energy hitting them. Now they are a demon who is on a warpath to reclaim the now stolen artifact and regain their former self.

Gameplay features brutal violence and plenty of gore as evil is sliced, smashed, and squashed. Demon Skin is all about demolishing the baddies that are in the way by any means necessary. Combat is designed around improving skills through mastery of various stances and inflicting maximum carnage with spectacular finishing moves. As one racks up kills they will gain experience to learn new combos and enhance their stats. Players will want to watch their character’s stamina and other indicators of their physical condition as they affect the battle’s outcome.

Gloomy landscapes that embrace the dark fantasy serve as backdrop for the sidescrolling action. From icy wastelands to twilight forests and every deep dungeon in between there are plenty of places to get some evil killing done.

Enemies come in dozens of types. There are skeletons, zombies, spiders, werewolves, lizards, and golems. Each enemy type will require a different approach. Luckily for players there get a huge arsenal of weapons to quench their thirst for the destruction of evil. With more than 30 types of edges and blunt weapons players will discover that certain weapons are more effective than others against certain foes. Of course if one desires, even if it is less effective, there is always punching enemies to death.

Hidden in secret places are rare and ancient artifacts. These items unlock super skills that have some impressive outcomes when used. By embracing the demon that the character has become, players can collect shards of crystal to become even more powerful.

Originally Demon Skin went by several different names for the game. At first the game was called The Forging Destiny HROFT and then later into the development process the game was renamed About Savior Hunter (A.S.H). As the project became more advanced the LUDUS FUTURE team was created and the game’s name settled on Demon Skin. A video released by the team features the game’s development and progress over the seven year journey to release.

Demon Skin is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A launch special discount of 10% off runs until April 20, 2021. For more information about Demon Skin visit the game’s website at

Demon Skin – Launch Trailer | Buka Entertainment

LUDUS FUTURE is a game development team of several enthusiastic developers with prior industry experience. Formed in 2019, the team has set a goal of implementing original ideas and gameplay experiences in video games. Demon Skin is the team’s first project.

Buka Entertainment (@Buka_Ent_Games Twitter) is a Russian publisher, distributor, and developer of video games. Since 1993 the Moscow based company has brought video games to all platforms. Currently the publisher is one of the biggest companies in Russia for publishing, localizing, console distribution and digital game distribution services.