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Nigate Tale Anime Roguelike Hits Early Access

Hermit Games and 2P Games launched their 2.5D anime roguelike dungeon crawler Nigate Tale as a Steam early access game. Vibrant colors and anime monster girls await players as they battle through a procedurally generated labyrinth.

An engineer named Roy finds himself sucked into a strange cloud. Now trapped inside of a strange castle after his plane crash, Roy must find a means of escape. Exploring the labyrinth that is his fortress prison might give him a chance to recover the missing components of his transport. However the place is full of dangerous monsters.

Even though the area is filled with monsters who will kill Roy, there is a never-ending time loop that is preventing him from dying. There are some side effects. Roy will find himself set back one square and the path forward is now different. Luckily for him he does get to keep his experience and any cool items he may have found. During Roy’s journey, he will find some monster girl allies that will teach him impressive powers for defeating the most powerful of enemies.

Roy is a young craftsman. Materials can be looted and then crafted into new equipment. Giving the various monster girls the right gifts will grant him amazing magical powers. As the journey unfolds, Roy will develop his combat skills and finally escape this place.

Through the wide variety of weapons, magical powers, and skills, players can craft their own battle style. Crafted equipment will provide aid in beating the powerful monsters in the castle. Also, gear will help the player survive when facing a deadly trap.

The game is an isekai story, an anime genre where protagonists are form the normal world who are taken to parallel worlds. Re:Zero the Japanese light novel series and Ghibli Studio’s Spirited Away animated fantasy film are two examples of the genre that Western audiences will recognize. In Nigate Tale the game world is presented as a vibrant and colorful 2.5D low-poly land with various eye catching screens and overlays of 2D anime art.

Currently the early access game version consists of core gameplay features with 3 levels, 7 different weapons, 10 bosses, and a full skill tree. In the full release more levels, monsters, bosses, weapons, skills, and story are planned. Community feedback will be important for the development process to fine-tune systems, improve graphics, and add more depth. The early access phase is planned to last between six months to a full year with a price increase at full release.

Nigate Tale is available on WIndows PC through Steam early access for $19.99 USD. A 15% off early access launch promotion runs until April 18, 2021. For more information about Nigate Tale visit the game’s Steam page.

Nigate Tale Launch Trailer | 2P Games

Hermit Games is a Chinese studio that was founded by former artists whose background is in the anime industry. The studio’s first game is Nigate Tale which brings together the team’s love for anime, artistic skills, and passion for games.

2P Games (@2Pcom Twitter) is small team of experts from the Asian gaming industry with a decade of professional experience. The China founded company has been behind the release of several successful indie titles including Shadowplay: Metropolis Foe, Seed Hunter, and Zengeon.