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Hopeless Dregs Early Access Takes on Evil

Discrete Tense released their early access turn-based game set in a world full of evil, Hopeless Dregs, on Steam. After nearly two years of part-time development the two member team from Belarus is inviting players to take on evil as everyday heroes in a game that combines both RPG and roguelike elements.

In a world full of evil it is up to a team of dregs to fight back against evil. It is in the players hands to change their destiny of hopelessness by using both their weaknesses and strengths in order to unleash their full potential. Each team member can die making choices matter as each loss will be felt.

A flexible ability system allows players to manage their team’s members in ways that allow for synergies. Characters have unique abilities depending upon their class and what equipment they are using. Currently in the early access version there are 6 different character classes, 18 unique abilities, and 37 items to find.

The journey will be hard. However, each town along the route offers a chance to upgrade the team. Battles will happen between town visits. Character will go from zeroes to heroes as the gameplay moves fast. This allows players to try different strategies without wasting lots of time.

Bosses are not just solo entities in this game. Every boss has their own abilities and their own team. Player will need to know and learn their strengths and weaknesses of each boss if they want to be successful in beating the game.

During the early access period the developers are looking to gain feedback from players about what they like and dislike. There is already around five times more content, however it is not balanced at the moment. The early access period is planned to last about 4 months and will add more to the current approximately 2 hour long gameplay. In the full version of the game there will be more content and new features including new abilities, new equipment, new unique bosses, and ability synergy mechanic.

Hopeless Dregs is out now in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. A 15% off early access launch promotion runs until April 16, 2021 on Steam. For more information about Hopeless Dregs visit the game’s Steam page. Players are also invited to join the Discrete Tense Discord to discuss the game.

Hopeless Dregs – Early Access Trailer | Discrete Tense

Discrete Tense (@DiscreteTense Twitter) is a small indie development team located in Minsk, Belarus. Currently the two member team is working part-time, but hope to become a fulltime studio. Both team members are long-time friends from school who are developing their first serious project Hopeless Dregs.