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Apolune 2 Space Shooter Sequel Arrives on Steam

Indie solo developer Lost Astronaut Studios released the space asteroid shooter Apolune 2 on Steam. Arriving as a sequel to Apolune and teased as the second installment of the series, the multiplayer shooter has the look and feel of 2D arcade classics with elements from bullet hell shoot’em ups.

Designed as a stand-alone adventure in the Apolune series, Apolune 2 throws the players into deep space as a team of asteroid miners. The whole mission is to make big spacebucks while surviving and thriving in the vastness of deep space. Resources are out there for collecting, trade with interstellar merchants and buy upgrades. Players will want to be ready for a fight as aliens and space pirates are more than willing to attack.

The game can be played alone or with others via local co-op or Steam Remote Play with friends online. A total of up to 8 players can simultaneously work together to perform the role of deep space miners earning those big spacebucks.

It is focused on having fun with up to 8 other people in a simultaneous way. Unlike other games made by Lost Astronaut that were cartoon-like but had serious themes, this game is designed to be funny — and a bit frustrating — from the first moments. I wanted this game to be designed around the idea that more than 2 players were going to work together.

Lead Developer, Lost Astronaut Studios

In local co-op two players can use a single keyboard or a keyboard and controller combination. To reach the maximum of 8 in multiplayer players are required to use DirectInput controllers such as gamepads or USB retro controllers. XInput Controllers, those used on the Xbox 360 and later, have a limit of 4. Through mixing and matching the different controller types along with keyboard use the eight player setup can be achieved. An official game guide is available to help players out and is available here.

Apolune 2 is available on PC for Windows and Linux through Steam for $4.99 USD. An Atari VCS release is in the works as the game was originally written as an Atari VCS exclusive. For more information about Apolune 2 visit the developer’s website game page at

Atari Apolune 2 Promo Vid | Herbert Gilliland (Lost Astronaut Studios)

Lost Astronaut Studios (@LAGameStudio Twitter) is a solo developer game studio based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The studio was founded in 2007 by Herbert Gilliland and focuses on making games big studios will never make. Games in the studio’s portfolio includes Apolune, Fringes of the Empire, and Dishwasher.