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No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update

Hello Games have released the latest patch to their survival and exploration title No Man’s Sky with the Expeditions Update. This content patch marked as Update 3.3 Expeditions introduces a whole new way to play the game with a brand new game mode that contains a unique set of challenges and exclusive rewards.

The Expeditions game mode starts at a fixed point in the universe and brings the whole community of travellers together for a shared experience. Each expedition is designed around a series of milestones where travellers can work together or alone while completing them. Along the way players will earn rewards, meet with other travellers and experiment in new ways of playing.

Each expedition phase is made of up of milestones that are open-ended with each completed one bringing a reward to assist the journey. Fully completed phases unlock unique rewards and those who complete the entire expedition will receive an extra reward. In the inaugural expedition, those who complete it will receive a gold edition of the classic Alpha Vector starship.

Space stations have a completely redesigned mission board with improved visuals, aesthetics and clarity of information. Missions themselves have been reworked for greater depth with rewards that reflect the mission level. Weekend event missions are available at the nexus that offer generous quicksilver rewards.

Twitch drops are now available for No Man’s Sky. The first official Twitch Drop campaign runs from April 1 until April 5, 2021. Viewers can earn rewards such as character customizations, emotes, base parts, ship decorations, unique ships and multi-tools. More information about Twitch Drops for No Man’s Sky can be found at

Explorer starships have had their visuals enhanced with greater model and texture detail. Target sweeping can find more than just mission locations such as rare resources. Combat with sentinels has changed to to make fights more dynamic and to challenge players with powerful multi-tool loadouts. There are many changes and other quality of life improvements with a more complete list available on the No Man’s Sky website here.

No Man’s Sky with the Expeditions Update is available on Humble BundleSteam, and GOG for PC, and the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. For more information about No Man’s Sky and the Expedition Update visit the No Man’s Sky website at or follow @NoMansSky on Twitter.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions Trailer | Hello Games

Hello Games (@hellogames Twitter) is a game development studio and publisher based in Guildford and Cambridge both of which are in the UK. Besides No Man’s Sky the studio is also the creator behind the award winning Joe Danger games and a new project The Last Campfire.

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