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Last Oasis Xbox Release and Season 3 Starts

Independent game development studio Donkey Crew have announced the start of Season 3 of Last Oasis and the Xbox console release of the nomadic survival MMO. The game hits the Xbox Game Preview program for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility with full cross-platform play support with Steam.

Season 3 has arrived for Last Oasis offering an even more customizable way to play. Gamepad usage is available for both Xbox and PC players. A complete UI overhaul with a revamped user interface allows for both gamepad and keyboard & mouse players to have a competitive experience regardless of their input choice.

Xbox players have their choice of realms. One can choose to play on Xbox only realms or engage in official crossplay realms. Season 3 completely changes the game’s approach to realms. Now smaller realms with faster pacing allow for small clans or solo players to have chance without larger clans running them over. Small realms have small clan caps and with this large clans are restricted to the larger realms. With these changes players can now have multiple characters with a limit of one per realm.

With the Xbox launch and the start of the season 3, instead of a single realm accommodating all players from every region, the world will be split into a multitude of realms, each with its own region, size, and a clan cap. Now, everyone has a choice of how they want to play and, more importantly, with whom.

Florian Hoffreither, Creative Director and Last Oasis Project Lead, Donkey Crew

Another feature of Season 3 is the addition of flying Sky Walkers for the open world. These intricate flapping wing machinery will allow players to harness the wind under a realistic flying model. These Sky Walkers are needed for the new Kali Spire map that features an entire city in the sky ready for exploration. Full of unimaginable treasures the city is there for daring as any adventurer will find out the significant threats lurking in the sky city.

Giant worms also known as “The Long Ones” roam the lands. Currently these creatures pose the biggest threat to nomads. These beasts are ravenous and once one focuses on a walker they will become relentless until stopped. The key to stopping these giant worms is the combined experience of nomadic hunters who can band together.

The Moon is still crumbling apart. More and more asteroids are falling from the sky and can land in both barren deserts and livable oasis. Players who can mine these rocks first will find great treasure as they claim the riches of the Moon.

Last Oasis is now available along with Season 3 on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility for $29.99 USD. Last Oasis is also available in early access on Windows PC through Steam at a price of $29.99 USD. In addition to the game, the Last Oasis Soundtrack is available as a separate DLC for $7.99 USD. For more information follow @OasisNomad on Twitter or join the Last Oasis Discord.

Last Oasis Xbox Trailer | Donkey Crew

Donkey Crew is a recently established game development studio based in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. The first team members came from a group of die-hard modders of the Mount & Blade community. Currently the studio is focused on developing Last Oasis.