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Nanotale Full PC and Google Stadia Release Date Set for End of March

Fishing Cactus has revealed a full release date for the studio’s current early access RPG adventure in the Typing Chronicles franchise, Nanotale. At the end of March the game will leave its 18-month long early access journey and enter full release on PC and Google Stadia as the spiritual successor to the award-winning typing adventure Epistory.

We’re so excited to reveal that Nanotale will be out in just two weeks! We have listened to the community in the Early Access and are now proud to release the full version with improved performance, breathtaking cinematics and voice-overs, and new powers and biomes to discover! Wishlist Nanotale on Steam today so you don’t miss our launch on the 31st!

Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus

Players who are armed with only their keyboards will experience atmospheric fantasy world in dire trouble. As a novice Archivist named Rosalind, players they will cast powerful spells to manipulate the environment to solve puzzles and destroy foes. Each and every action by the player is dependent upon the careful finger dexterity of each keystroke of their typing skills.

Magic is dying and the world is on the brink of destruction. Journeying to a magical valley Rosalind hopes that through cataloging mysterious occurrences and collecting samples of both rock and plant that the secrets behind the looming end of the world will be revealed.

Upon launch the game will be released on PC and Google Stadia. Localizations in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russia, Chinese, Korean and Japanese will be available upon release.

Nanotale is currently available on Steam as an early access title for $14.99 USD. The Nanotale full release date is set for March 31, 2021. For the most up-to-date information about Nanotale visit the game’s website at or follow @nanotalegame on Twitter.

Nanotale Release Trailer | Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus (@FishingCactus Twitter) is an independent game developer that consists of 20 individuals. Based in Mons, Belgium the developer’s goal is to showcase their originality and ability to thrive in a nation without many game development companies. Fishing Cactus is the developer of AryAlgoBot, and the award winning Epistory in the Typing Chronicles franchise.