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Realm Engine is a Virtual 3D Multiplayer Tabletop

Indie game developer Blake Johnson and Pixel Ghost Studios have announced the early access release of their virtual 3D tabletop worldbuilder Realm Engine. Aimed at RPG enthusiasts, the multiplayer world builder is available for free on Steam.

Tabletop worldbuilders can rejoice as they build and unleash their designs of their fellow tabletop gamers. The current base world supports a 250 x 250 size with an upcoming Elite version of Realm Engine that will support unlimited sizes.

Each scene one creates can utilize hundreds of high-quality assets with more available to purchase as low-cost separate DLC. From heavily furnished rooms of a crowded inn to a large village chase scene, creators have lots of items at their disposal.

The engine has 3D terrain sculpting options that allows worldbuilders to add mountains, valleys, rivers, islands, and just about any other terrain element that one can imagine. For those who want fast environments can, in a single click, create a randomly generated environment.

Scenes can be controlled with dynamic weather. Creators can control fog, rain, and the sun using easy to use sliders to suit one’s design. Dynamic lighting allows designers to have a very realistic scene for players to experience. Worldbuilders are encouraged to play around with the lighting levels to achieve the desired ambiance. The fog of war is also supported to add an additional element of realism and mystery to a scene.

From the TableTop, there is a projector and second monitor support that can deliver the in-person or tabletop features through the use of an external system. In other words there is multiple view support.

Currently there have been over 8000 hours of development in the current build. A thriving community that supports the creation and development of upcoming content and features backs the project through Patreon. An online multiplayer feature is currently in the works for the BETA testers from Patreon.

Realm Engine is available on Steam free to play and use. Various Realm Engine Asset Packs are available as paid DLC that range from $0.99 USD to $1.99 USD. For more information visit the Realm Engine Steam page or

Realm Engine Official Trailer | Pixel Ghost

Blake Johnson is a solo indie developer based in Sydney, Australia. Johnson’s career previously put his work in live events and films. With the the COIVD pandemic his career was put on hold and work on Realm Engine began in March 2020.