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Oracle Trials Platformer Packs a Cute 2D Punch

Indie game developer and publisher Termeno Studios have released their 2D action platformer, Oracle Trials, on Steam and The game features cute vector-art visuals and cool particle effects that create colorful animations.

As King Leonidas players are tasked with a mission to regain the stolen power of the ancient Oracle and defeat the Evil Phalanx tribe. The retro-inspired platformer features a full compliment of Ancient Greek themes with gods, demi-gods, spirits, and heroes.

Each level takes players back in time giving pieces of story about Oracles. Players can collect gems to achieve the highest possible score while fighting off all foes to restore the peace. There are fierce enemies and various obstacles that one will have to overcome including lava, swamps, and spikes.

Jumping on an opponents head will allow one to reach otherwise unreachable places that may have bonuses. Treasure chests can be found throughout the world and will require unlocking. Players should be warned of levers that can trigger unexpected consequences.

Gameplay is both challenging and difficult. The game offers a highly polished retro game experience with cartoony visuals. Controls are intuitive and will make any fan of the 2D action-arcade platforming genre feel at home. There is a full tutorial, introduction, and leaderboard for players. In addition one can chose their level play allowing players of all ages to participate in the casual fun.

Oracle Trials is available on Steam for $4.99 USD. The game is also available on For more information about Oracle Trials visit the game’s website at

Oracle Trials New Trailer | Tomáš Král

Termeno Studios is an indie game development studio founded by Tomáš Král. The studio is currently working on its first Steam title Oracle Trials.