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KUR Gameplay Preview Shows FPS Robot Destruction

Really Ragdoll Studios and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have released a gameplay preview for their retro FPS title KUR. The developer and publisher have teamed up to bring the robot destroying game to market in 2021.

In the brand new KUR gameplay video, viewable below, there are 34 minutes of new weapons, enemies, and new levels. The video also features the game’s designers Kehran Carr and Brian Spain as they shot their way through their game. Throughout the video the two discuss the development and ideas behind the game while making robot heads explode.

The game is a retro throwback nod to classic 1990s shooters with a comedic take. In KUR, the human race is being massacred by flesh wearing mechanical devils. Now it is up to heavily armed players to blast apart the robots and save the day.

Like any classic 1990s shooter there is a vast arsenal of weapons. One might even say it is an impossibly too large to carry sci-fi arsenal, however that has never stopped anyone before from carrying them all. There is even some melee action where a player can actually put their boot to the robots via means of a slide and kick.

Players will be tested and tried through 21 levels across six unique environments. Each level is full of nasty drones, spider robots made of human skulls, rogue AIs and many more wacky enemies. All of the robot destruction takes place before a pulse-pounding blood-pumping electronic rock soundtrack that is very fitting to the FPS action.

KUR is planned for a 2021 release on Steam for PC. For more information about KUR visit the game’s Steam page or the developer’s website.

KUR 2021 Gameplay Preview | The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

Really Ragdoll Studios (@ReallyRagdoll Twitter) is a Seattle, Washington based indie game developer. Founded in 2018 by Navy veteran Brian Spain and self-taught game developer Kehran Carr, the studio is currently developing its first title KUR. The studio aims to develop games that leaves players with a strong impression while keeping them coming back for more.

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (@QuantumApG Twitter) was created in 2011 by Ty Taylor, a Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee. The Seattle, Washington based company’s first game, The Bridge, released in 2013 and was featured in various competitions and festivals around the world. Tumblestone, their second title, released in 2013. In 2019, the company began publishing third-party indie titles with a portfolio that now includes Almost There: The Platformer, The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, and Breakpoint.