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Click and Collect Customer Management Clicker

Indie game developer Peacock Pie Productions have released their casual customer service management game Click and Collect on PC and Android mobile devices. The game bills itself as a casual management game about serving customers in a store.

Players start off as a newly hired as a customer service assistant that will need to serve customers as they enter the store. Also, players will need to manage items on a conveyor belt by handing them off to customers before they fall off and break. Customers will need assistance with jewelry at the counter and stuffed toys on the top shelf.

There are a wide variety of hazards to avoid. Fires, puddles, thieves, electrical malfunctions, and the manager will need to be avoided while fulfilling all the needs of the customers. Serving enough customers will award in-game currency that allows players to buy assists to aid them with hazards. Special challenges await those who really want to push their management skills to the next level.

Each level offers players a chance at three stars. There are sixteen standard levels and four endless levels to unlock that will put a player’s customer service skills to the test.

Click and Collect is available for Windows PC on at a name your own price deal. The game is also available on Android via Google Play. For more information follow the game’s developer on Twitter @PeacockPieProd.

Click and Collect Launch Trailer | Peacock Pie Productions

Peacock Pie Productions (@PeacockPieProd Twitter) is an independent game development studio. The UK based studio features a two member team. Click and Collect is the first title release for the studio.