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Good Night, Knight Dark Humor ARPG Early Access

Indie developer RedEmber and publisher No Gravity Games released their dark humor ARPG, Good Night, Knight, in early access today. In addition the developer revealed a roadmap with some of the planned major updates that includes new areas and challenges.

In this debut title from RedEmber, players take a 16-bit journey into a dynamic sneak and slash RPG . The story is darkly humorous and the dungeons are procedurally generated with hand-made puzzles. Each dungeon has huge amounts of loot to find and equip that includes gear, potions and curses that let a player find their preferred playstyle.

The game features robust stealth elements alongside strategic combat. Players will find themselves sneaking and peeking around with the aid of a dynamic field-of-view system. Observing the enemy patrols allows one to catch them off guard and strike them. Of course a player can just hack and slash through them at will, but that does pose serious risk to one’s survival.

Players get to prepare themselves for battle. Food, ingredients, and provisions aid the player in battles. Resources can be gathered during combat and their management on how they are spent is all up to the player. The risk and reward system lets players choose between retreating to rest or pushing forward for more rewards and loot.

There is no permadeath. Progress is saved, however death is still very costly. For those seeking a harder challenge can try the Ironman mode where only the toughest of knights prevail and death means everything is lost.

Good Night, Knight is available now in early access on Steam, Humble Bundle, GOG, and Itch for $14.99 USD. A 20% off early access launch promotion runs until February 23. For more information about the game visit the game’s page here or join the developer’s Discord.

Good Night, Knight – Early Access Announcement Trailer | No Gravity Games

RedEmber (@RedEmber_ Twitter) is an indie game studio. What started as a single-person part-time hobby project, Good Night, Knight expanded to become RedEmber’s debut video game.

No Gravity Games (@NoGravity_Games Twitter) is a boutique indie publisher that specializes in console game publishing. Formerly known as Fat Dog Games, the Warsaw, Poland based company’s portfolio includes Haxor, Exorder, Motorbike Garage Mechanic Simulator, Dream Alone, and The Chronicles of Nyanya.