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The Commission 1920 A Crime Grand Strategy

302 Interactive and 2:30 AM Studios have completely remastered The Commission for a turn-based grand strategy experience in the mafia with The Commission 1920. Set in the roaring 1920s, the remastered game puts players at the head of the table as a Don of a mafia family.

Prohibition was in full effect and organized crime was on the rise in the 1920s. As the Don of a mafia family, players will need to manage their resources while exerting influence on the city. Violence, politics, and illegal racket investment are the tools one can utilize when removing competing criminal powers.

Presented as a remaster or “definitive” edition of the 2018 released The Commission, the new title adds a variety of new features and content to the 2D title. Players can gather intel on opposing families by infiltrating an opponents inner circle. Both assassination and recruitment are valuable tools for expanding one’s power.

We are proud of our release and truly happy to have worked with those in the community to adapt our original Mafia Strategy game concept with the help and support of players.

Bobby Torres, CSO, 302 Interactive

A Don can’t do everything and will need loyal captains or rather caporegimes. Players can assign titles to their caporegimes and they can become eligible for unique positions such as Underboss or Consigliere. Each of these positions adds new benefits in their territory. However, others might become jealous.

Illegal activity or rackets have been added. For example one might choose to dabble in Counterfeit Goods or run a shady Butcher Shop to help fund their criminal enterprises.

At release there are five different families that players can align with and start their criminal campaign. From unlocking journal entries to the Family Tree and even bribing a politician or two there is so crime to do and so little time.

The Commission 1920 is available now on Steam for $14.99 USD. A special launch release promotion of 20% off runs until February 18. The original The Commission is also available on Steam for $4.99 USD. For more information about the game visit its Steam page.

The Commission 1920: Organized Crime Grand Strategy Teaser | 302 Interactive

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