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Nine to Five Beta Weekend Event

Redhill Games is inviting gamers for a beta weekend test of their team-based first-person shooter Nine to Five. The Finland based developer is hosting the first public beta weekend that throws players into 3v3v3 action.

Anyone can shoot their enemies in game, however, the victors will learn to outsmart them too. The story of Nine to Five is set in a near-future where being a mercenary is just another job in the corporate ruled world.

Matches consist of three phases with each impacting the next. This influence forces players to adapt their strategy or die. A match can be completed in just 15 minutes with meaningful progression in every session.

Over the past two years, Redhill Games has secured over $30 million in financing. The investors include Makers Fund, Play Ventures, and Redhill Game’s most recent partner, Netease, in addition to backing from Kowloon Nights and Business Finland.

Nine to Five is running a free open beta weekend on Steam from 10 AM PST February 11 until February 14. Players can request to join the beta from the game’s Steam page. Currently the game does not have a release date. For more information about Nine to Five follow the game on Twitter @NineToFiveGame or visit the game’s website at

Nine to Five Beta Weekend Trailer | Redhill Games

Redhill Games (@RedhillGames Twitter) is a game development studio headquartered in Helsinki. Established in late 2018, the studio features multinational leadership and talent drawn from several top PC gaming companies. The core focus of the company is to create high-quality titles that aims to capitalize on the team’s extensive knowledge of free-to-play and games-as-a-service experiences.