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One Shell Straight to Hell Blasts Demons and Monsters

Indie developer Shotgun with Glitters and publisher Feardemic has released their roguelite twin stick shooter, One Shell Straight to Hell. Padre Alexander from the developer’s previous game The Padre, has returned heavily armed to close the gates of hell.

It’s time to load up and shoot’em up as Padre Alexander against an endless horde of demons, monsters, and other nasties. Coming to the aid of the Halliwell family who for generations have kept watch over an entrance to hell from Earth, have forgotten their task as the entrance fell silent. Now wide-awake demonic forces surge forward forcing the Padre to not only defend the Halliwell Mansion, but dive into ever-changing dungeons filled to the brim-stone.

The game mixes a blend of different genre styles that combines a top-down dungeon crawler shooter with tower defense all hyped up on roguelite elements in its replayability presented in a voxel art style. A skill tree makes the player stronger and adds different approaches to the strategy. Dungeon maps are randomly generated and in between crawls one will spend their defending the mansion in classic base defense style with traps, enchantments, and powerups.

Monsters range from simple possessed kitchen drawers to long-dead pirate captains. Also there are demons, like so many demons. At least players have access to regular weapons, holy weapons that draw upon the fathers faith, and some unholy weapons that demand blood. To sum up things, the game is all about fast-paced action with loads of weapon and enemy combinations.

Launching on day one is a free Layers of Fear DLC for One Shell Straight to Hell. There are four randomly generated Layers of Fear themed levels that offer an alternative ending to the tragic events of the game. There are new artistic enemies for one to blast through in new additions to the Halliwell Mansion in addition to a new weapon.

One Shell Straight to Hell is available on PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. PC players can wishlist the game now on Steam. For more information visit the game’s page on the publisher’s site here.

One Shell Straight to Hell – Gameplay Overview | Feardemic

Shotgun with Glitters (@ShotgunWithGlit Twitter) is a indie game developer with team members from all over Europe. Founded in 2016, the company has a core team of eight members who all are both game enthusiasts and have been working in the game industry for several years. The company’s goal is to entertain players with atmospheric games built around emotions they feel while diving into the game.

Feardemic (@feardemic Twitter), based out of Kraków, Poland, is a boutique publisher and production house established in early 2017.  They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloober Team SA, the company behind the horror classic Layers of Fear, critically acclaimed cyberpunk horror >observer_ and most recently the psychological dual-reality horror The Medium