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Emergency Road Services Simulator First Details

Mobile game publisher T-Bull is steering into the PC gaming market with a brand new automotive title Emergency Road Services Simulator. Known for their mobile titles Top Speed and Moto Rider GO, T-Bull is bringing their automotive gaming expertise to the PC market through Steam.

In Emergency Road Services Simulator players will participate in an authentic roadside worker experience. One will need to start off making sure they are properly prepared and equipped with the right tools and supplies for the job. When accepting an order or job, proper route planning and on the spot problem solving are critical for success.

Aiding those in need on the roadside is at the core of being an emergency roadside worker. From replacing a simple burn-out bulb or changing a flat tire to repairing a vehicle after a serious accident there will be plenty of work in a city filled with a twisting maze of streets.

In this 3D open world experience each repair will impact their company’s reputation. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a client will determine if the player ends up on their blacklist. Reputation levels will affect the number of orders one receives which in turn will affect the cash one can earn. With increased reputation comes increased wealth opportunity. More cash allows for the purchase of new support vehicles, garage expansion, addition of services, new licenses for certain jobs, and the hiring of employees.

Players will be free to travel in the game’s world. While driving the camera will be presented in a third-person point of view. When player’s dive under the hood the perspective switches to a first-person view. There are various road missions and repair mini-games alongside advanced repair mechanics that allow for character development and better understanding of the emergency roadside assistance industry.

Emergency Road Services Simulator currently does not have a release date set. Interested gamers can wishlist the title now on Steam. For more information about the game visit its Steam page.

Emergency Road Services Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer | T-Bull

T-Bull (@tbullgames Twitter) is a publisher of video games and is one of the largest companies producing mobile games in Poland. Based in Wrocław, the publisher’s apps have accumulated over 520 million downloads on Google Play, App Store, BlackBerry World, and Windows Store. The publisher’s portfolio includes Top Speed, Tank Battle Heroes, and Moto Rider GO and currently T-Bull is focusing on expanding into the PC and console gaming market.