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Steam Game Festival February 2021 Underway

The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition has begun with game demos from every genre, game developer chats, live streams and featured upcoming games on Steam. This Steam Game Festival edition started at 10AM on February 3 and continues until 10AM PST, Tuesday, February 9.

Similar to the previous Spring and Autumn game festivals Steam held in 2020, the event is a nearly week long celebration of upcoming games where players can try out demos, chat with game developers, watch live streams, and learn about upcoming titles. For developers the Steam Game Festival offers an early chance at gaining valuable player feedback while building a community and audience for their game.

Each day features an event schedule with several live streams. Since the event features games by developers from around the world there will be live streams at all hours of the day during the event. For example, the main live stream for Timberborn, a beaver-based city management sim, begins at 6 AM PST on Friday, February 5. A complete list of upcoming live events with game festival can be found here.

In order for a game to be eligible for the Steam Game Festival a developer would need a Steamworks developer account in good standing. The developer will also need to have a game on Steam with a release date between February 10, 2021 and September 1, 2021. Additionally the developer would need to have a publicly visible Coming Soon page and a publicly playable demo at the start of the festival. Games are only allowed to participate in one game festival. The next planned festival is scheduled for June 2021.

Players will want to play their favorite demos soon as most are only available for a limited time during the Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition which ends on 10AM PST, Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition | Steam